ISG Digital Dish Episode 30: Makeup and the Metaverse: Elevating Luxury Brands’ Customer Experience


When you’re looking to buy a luxury product, how do you choose which product you buy? Today, consumers are faced with an unprecedented abundance of choices, and their expectations are in a perpetual flux. This constantly shifting consumer landscape presents a formidable challenge for retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands seeking to build a devoted following. Digital technologies, such as the metaverse, force brands to reevaluate their business strategies to ensure they stay relevant in a multi-brand-loyal world. This rings especially true for some of the long-established luxury brands whose consumers have distinct and often demanding expectations of their retail experiences. What strategies can these brands employ to consistently raise the bar, thereby ensuring they secure loyalty and the largest share of their purchasing choices?

Join us for this episode as we explore how digital is impacting the world of luxury brands. Our guest Anika Sharma, General Manager & Global Client Partner at LTIMindtree, who works with large-scale CPG and retail clients. She has a deep passion for elevating cherished brands that evoke a sense of well-being in their customers. Our discussion revolves around the pivotal role played by digital technology and human-centric approaches in enabling brands to adapt and thrive within the ever-evolving consumer landscape. How can the metaverse emerge as a transformative catalyst for brands and consumers, altering the dynamics of their interactions in profound ways?


Meet the hosts

Lois Coatney

Lois Coatney

What she does at ISG

Lois Coatney has been the ideal guiding advocate for her Fortune 500 clients, whom she has consistently helped get the most value out of their service providers and supply bases. That’s because, for more than two decades, Lois was the service provider. Today, as ISG’s President of Americas Sales, she is central to driving the firm’s revenue and growth.

Past achievements for clients

Throughout her career, Lois has consulted clients on their operating models and organizational designs so that they can work most effectively internally. She’s pivoted that experience to her approach to her current role, which goes much further than looking at the numbers and bottom line. She examines what ISG’s strengths are and considers how the firm can put its best foot forward to sell its services. Pairing that with a deep understanding of clients’ needs and of ISG’s function in the market, 
Lois makes decisions on how the firm can enhance those same offerings. She also views her work as a worthwhile means to strengthen ISG’s client relationships, which she contributes to by mentoring ISG account executives. 

Lois’s expertise in contracting, experience in supplier management and willingness to travel across the globe to create something new and modern have enabled her to:

  • Lead and roll out ISG GovernX®, a tool that directly helps clients and their businesses manage third-party risk, solve governance and service integration challenges, and drive optimal performance of their sources. 

  • Help a large governmental client migrate their $2.2 Billion annual IT spend to a consumption-based procurement model.

Lois’s current title may include “Americas,” but her prowess in service provider performance and relationship management, IT portfolio design and management and product ownership over the past 30 years has made its way all over the world to support nearly every industry ISG serves.

Jeanne Cuff

Jeanne Cuff

Jeanne Cuff is an Associate Director in the Governance Services-Managed Services organization who brings a broad set of experiences to support ISG clients. Jeanne has over 20 years of senior leadership and consulting roles in operations, human resources, network and SaaS.

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