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The first fully integrated digital platform designed to simplify and expedite your sourcing.

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Get smarter at sourcing and obtain the right outcomes, faster

In a challenging technology sourcing landscape the success of your organization depends on the right ecosystem of technology products and services.

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Increased market velocity

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Spike in technology provider choices

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Rising pressure on IT and procurement to keep pace and lead positive change

This is why we have designed and implemented an AI-enabled platform that digitizes ISG FutureSource, our widely recognized sourcing methodology that has been the backbone of success for many of the largest sourcing deals in the market.

Introducing ISG Tango™,
The Sourcing Solution Platform

The most trusted sourcing process, now fully digital

We pioneered the industry-standard methodology to future-proof your sourcing contracts. Now, this proven methodology - alongside our unparalleled sourcing data - forms the foundation for our platform, translating business problems into technology sourcing results at scale.

Make informed, market-aligned sourcing decisions with optimal efficiency.

Removes friction and manual efforts in negotiating and contracting deals.

From initial service scope, provider selection, and contract creation to signature.

Built in gates ensure goals are met, and avoid committing to lengthy and costly sourcing agreements.

Embeds ISG proprietary data and AI analytics.


When you engage ISG to help you find and source the right partners, ISG Tango serves as an accelerant to achieving innovation, collaboration and value at the speed of your business. But we never deploy a platform and leave you to figure the rest out yourself. Our approach is always adviser-led, because we're realistic enough to know that a tool can't solve all your problems.

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We accelerate your sourcing with:

Integrated CPQ
Our Candidate Provider Qualification (CPQ) provides granular insights of providers that can deliver the scope of services, allowing sharper and faster decisions.

Transparency & Real-time Status
24x7 availability gives a complete, real-time view throughout the entire sourcing process for all stakeholders, leading to faster and more effective collaboration and decision-making.

Document Creation
Automated document creation reduces manual efforts of contract production, saving time and eliminating errors.

Virtual Deal Room
Secure data room with role-based authorization and Q&A to safely and efficiently manage transaction document development in one place, at any time.

Service Catalogue
Fully integrated catalogue for quickly and easily finding and building the services you need to match the required scope, eliminating ambiguity.

Our track record of guiding our clients to achieve value from sourcing while mitigating risk is unmatched.


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