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HR Cost Optimization Workshop

HR organizations today face reduced budgets, cost reduction initiatives and a push to improve efficiency. Are you trying to achieve savings and efficiencies for your HR organization? This interactive, custom workshop shares data and expertise on gaps and opportunities for actionable improvements.

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What Is Transformational HR?

It’s HR that engages the workforce of tomorrow, drives operational efficiency and delivers value to the business in a new way.

Transforming HR means reorienting the role HR plays in the organization. Rethink your operating model and boost its capabilities by leveraging the right technology, the right delivery model and an effective sourcing ecosystem.


HR Transformation

Reimagine the Employee Experience

The workplace of the future requires the workforce of future. How do you attract and retain top talent?

You need a workforce strategy that not only aligns HR with business goals but also leverages HR as an enterprise leader. Optimize processes, roles, and shared services so you can help the business define success – and lead the charge.

HR Technology

Revolutionize HR with Technology

Is your HR technology holding you back? Manual processes and inflexible systems are frustrating and inefficient.

You need to balance technical architecture, data security and the use of emerging technologies like machine learning and chatbots with a deep understanding of HR functionality, processes and user expectations.

2023 HR Tech Survey

HR Outsourcing

Optimize Sourcing to Save

Wondering if there’s a better way to “get it all done?” HR has a broad set of outsourcing markets—from HR contact centers and payroll administration to recruitment and learning, there are outsourcing partners to support your team.

ISG’s HR Technology & Transformation experts are the market leaders in helping enterprises transform their HR organizations through strategic use of outsourcing. We bring the domain experience, sourcing know-how, best-in-class methodologies and world-class market data you need to assess, source, benchmark and manage your HR delivery partner relationships.

In a highly competitive and technologically maturing HCM marketplace, ISG's Stacey Cadigan, Partner at ISG, and Greg Vickrey, Director at ISG, sit down to share their thoughts on HCM differentiators that truly matter, the investments being made by leading software providers in their product and how an enterprise organization can evaluate a long-term strategic partner.
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AI Impact Summit (London)

Learn actionable knowledge and an end-to-end perspective of AI, not just as a technology, but as a critical aspect of business strategy.

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