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Measuring your strategic relationships and workforce experience

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Time to Assess Your Enterprise-Provider Relationships?

We all know how hard it is to establish and maintain any type of good relationship, and that includes how tough it is to make sure the relationships between a company and its providers stay positive. How confident are you in the strength of your client-provider relationships? Are you helping each other to be successful? Will the relationship continue into the future? Take this self-assessment to benchmark your own relationship and learn more about where you could improve.

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Elevate the Experience & Value of Your Strategic Partnerships and Services

Usually, it all starts off on the right foot. But when services fall short or relationships fray, performance and productivity suffer. A competitive rebid can cost millions, and it can be difficult to put your finger on exactly where an experience or relationship is faltering or where to invest to ensure the greatest ongoing value. So, how do you assess and optimize your relationships with providers, shared services and workforce? 

ISG offers a customized and comprehensive assessment that diagnoses the current situation – what is working, what is not working and what can be optimized. We help companies and their providers learn more about the health of their partner relationships and workforce experiences through diagnostic data and benchmarking. We also offer leadership-alignment optimization since more than 90 percent of IT projects over $10 million fail to achieve their potential, with alignment and lack of it as a documented root cause.

You get concrete recommendations toward improvement and renewals.

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what we do

Gauge & recalibrate the lived experience of your partnerships & workforce

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Partnership Experience Assessment

Deepen your understanding of your company's strategic relationships and get recommendations for optimization.


Shared Services Experience Assessment

Help IT and other internal, shared services enable the business units they serve and develop strategic partnerships.


Workforce Experience Assessment

Evaluate your workforce satisfaction with services, tools and experiences to increase talent retention and productivity.

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Leadership-Alignment Optimization

Make sure leaders are on the same page for initiatives and optimal everyday business outcomes.

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How We Do It

Find out what's working, what's not working and what can be optimized


An assessment specific to your unique context

  1. Leveraging our proprietary library of industry- and tower-specific questions, we help you uncover the root causes of sticky operational issues.
  2. Our expertise across both technology stacks and industry verticals allows us to create a targeted assessment for your business needs.


Diagnostics from a wide range of sources

  1. We'll quickly get to the origin of your pain points by analyzing findings from several sources, like quantitative assessments, qualitative surveys, market intelligence and benchmarking data.
  2. From there, ISG helps you understand the complex nuances of interconnected problems and areas of potential growth in partner relationships and/or workforce experiences.


On-the-ground support for positive change

  1. Clients rely on our deep history and relationships with the provider ecosystem, as well as our enterprise change (OCM), business operations, cost optimization and future of work practices, to optimize partnerships and experiences.
  2. After providing recommendations, next steps can be self-serve, or our trusted independent advisory can help you move from action plan to action.

Why Choose ISG?

ISG has completed 200-plus relationship-health engagements over about a decade, helping organizations assess and improve their relationships and workforce experience. The assessment itself is a rapid and enlightening experience, and the results are customized to your business and actionable immediately upon handover. You get recommendations that are easy to consume, solution-centric and prioritized for your organization, so you’ll know where to focus your limited resources – and exactly how to make your next move.

Key Features

ISG’s Experience Assessment Center provides an objective, independent and proven approach to understanding the health of client/provider relationships and workforce experience.


Standardized quantitative questions diagnose common problems, benchmarked against the market


Thematic analysis on qualitative feedback, such as pain points & change needs


Baseline of performance that can help measure impact of OCM activities


Recommendations from ISG on best practices derived from broader industry experience


Targeted focus on how to address your key challenges


Identification of next steps to drive improvements and position the relationships for success

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