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Trends 2022: How to Survive the Evolution of Banking

European banks have proven their resilience in the face of severe economic downturn brought about by the pandemic. Now they are starting to invest in technology and reimagine their businesses. Post-pandemic, the success of these banks will depend on how effectively they’ve managed the structural challenges that plagued them before the pandemic started. These are trends they should watch in 2022.

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Banking operations for a customer-obsessed industry

Let us help you find and implement the right technologies to improve your customer experience, optimize data and transform your business model.

Enhance the customer experience

Design the contact center of the future
Simplify and automate processes
Implement Agile product development & measure its impact
Design & implement the right Op. Model to drive speed to market
Design & implement the right CX strategy

Improve efficiency and leverage third parties

Modernize application & cloud strategy
Design next-generation sourcing & supplier ecosystem models
Monetize assets
Baseline key technology metrics against the market
Assess, recommend and implement automation

Increase employee

Measure, benchmark & track employee experience
Design & implement new ways of working
Assess, recommend & implement the right collaboration tools
Training as a Service
Measure, benchmark & track transformation

Optimize IT Spend

When implementing technology business management programs, you must ensure that you are tracking and optimizing your spend.

ISG can analyze what you are currently doing and recommend changes to ensure you realize the promise of your investments.

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