ISG Executive Insights™

A data analytics platform that addresses the challenges of supplier proliferation, and enables organizations to gather real-time insights throughout the sourcing journey, to optimize provider relationships, risk and compliance.

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In today’s complex environment, managing your provider ecosystem demands agility at scale, intelligent insights and risk visibility without compromise.

Executive Insights enables the business to address the challenges of supplier data proliferation and visibility fragmentation, while providing business with the control and insights to more effectively manage provider relationships and risk.

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What can Executive Insights do for you?

Intelligence on which suppliers have created value for the business

Real time insights how your spending compares with the market

Deep understanding on how provider projects are performing

Early indicators to signal a challenged provider project


Spend Analytics


Provider Profile


Risk Scorecard

Our unparalleled data comes from:


Sourcing Contracts



Unique Assessments



Deliverables and Obligations Managed Annually

Combining your disjointed systems and isolated data, with the world’s largest global database of IT, BPO and engineering outsourcing contracts, Executive Insights empowers you to drive operational excellence and make strategic decisions.

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