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Real-time, cost-effective price benchmarks for IT services


ISG ProBenchmark provides price benchmarking for outsourcing contracts to help you understand whether your contact is price competitive. Don’t wait for your next contract benchmark. Subscribe and start saving today.


Is your contract market competitive?

  • Outsourcing contracts become uncompetitive over time, as services are added and COLA clauses kick in
  • Determining price competitiveness using a tripartite benchmark is costly, and typically is performed only once every 12 to 18 months
  • Most organizations don’t know when their contract becomes uncompetitive, or by how much

Instantly know when your contract is uncompetitive

  • Avoid contract value leakage with access to real-time market price intelligence
  • Gain at-a-glance dashboard visibility to contract price competitiveness
  • Level the playing field when it comes to benchmarking and market price intelligence
  • Get timely, accurate and actionable results


As the only patented IT benchmarking and market price intelligence platform in the industry, ProBenchmark is powered by the largest database of market price points of its kind, gathered from ISG’s advisory and benchmarking businesses. 

With more than 23,500 completed engagements for more than 2,700 clients, ISG has advised or benchmarked more than 2,100 transactions, representing more than $457B of contract value, making ISGs dataset the largest database of its kind in the industry.


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