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Partnerships that address the demands of real-world situations

Case studies offer a window into client-provider partnerships. Research based on case studies helps us understand the attributes and dimensions of such partnerships that drive success at scale and over time. ISG Case Study Research explores the motivations and challenges for the enterprises, similarities or differences in their approaches, and the drivers of success.


Showcasing the best of client-provider partnerships

Participate in this research by submitting your best stories of customer achievement. ISG Case Study Research also forms the basis for you and your client to be recognized through for two annual programs: ISG Case Study Standouts, and The Paragon Awards.



ISG’s Case Study Research involves the study of client-provider work through the lens of six attributes:

  • Uniqueness: Solutions that go beyond the obvious and show provider creativity.
  • Complexity: Solution intricacy and richness that improves the probability of its success.
  • Impact: Articulation and awareness of the business impact for the client.
  • Solution Target: Solution entrenchment into the DNA of the client organization.
  • Provider’s Role: Demonstrated ability to advise and guide the client as a business partner.
  • Provider’s Skin-in-the-game: Evidence of the provider's commitment and confidence in client outcomes.

This research looks for compelling evidence of these attributes by understanding the:

  • The client situation: Including details about the client’s operating environment and intended goals, any past attempts of a similar nature, and other factors describing the context in which the engagement was undertaken.
  • A holistic view of the solution: Every aspect of the solution including but not limited to different technologies, processes, or strategies, and any other partner providers that are part of the solution.
  • The major outcomes: Demonstrable or tangible impact on the client’s business while also taking into account factors such as laying the groundwork for future growth, or any social or environmental benefits.

Providers submit case studies through the year. The details of these submissions are independently validated with their clients. Together, this forms the basis for a panel of ISG advisors and experts to evaluate each case study. The insights gained from research add to ISG’s deep knowledge of the market, and case studies submitted by a provider is also deployed in ISG’s Candidate Provider Qualifications process.

Open All Year

Submit your case studies at any time during the year. Submission Guidelines will help you to submit a case study. Certain cut off dates apply to Case Study Standouts.

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