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AI Contact Center Transformation: How and Why Now?

The contact center industry today is almost unrecognizable from its early days nearly 40 years ago.

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Contact Center Transformation

The modern contact center must combine the right technology, process and people to deliver brilliant experiences with high resolution rates. We help you:
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improve operations contact center


implement modern technology contact center

Implement Modern Technology 

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drive value from data contact center

Drive New Value from Data

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Contact Center Technology & Complexity

Building an End State is Critical for Current and Future Investments

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AI and

Intent Recognition
Speech to Text & Text to Speech
Agent Assistance
Sentiment Detection
Next Best Action
Context Recognition
Contact Summarization
Agent & Customer Promise Capture
Intelligent Search

It's never been more difficult to deliver a contact center strategy. Why? Because rapid technology advancements mean there are more decisions to make than ever.

Strategic Contact Center Transformation

The secret to better customer experience is turning the contact center into more than an issue center. The contact center must become a key order center with the right strategic footprint, supportive partners and smart technology.

You need the right-sized contact center for economic and staffing efficiencies, the right blend of at-home, part-time and offshore support, and the right risk profile. The goal is to make the contact center a valuable part of the customer journey. 

ISG can help you achieve flexibility, workload balancing, business continuity and competitive advantage. We will help you choose the right partners to improve processes, drive operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

Build a Roadmap for Transformation

As trusted consultants, we have the breadth and depth of sourcing experience needed to provide strategic advice to contact center leaders worldwide.
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