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Defining Leadership for Today and Tomorrow

History has given us countless examples of women who have changed business and technology. From mathematicians in the NASA space program, to early computer programmers, visionaries who helped build the internet and businesswomen who’ve transformed startups into billion-dollar companies – women have played a vital role making the digital world what it is today. Though they may not always be recognized as the face of digital, the imprint of women can be seen in every part of digital business and in its profound impact on people and enterprises around the world.  

As technology permeates our lives in ways early pioneers might never have dreamed, being a leader in digital requires an increasingly wide range of strengths and talents. It takes problem-solving skills to creatively apply technology solutions to business needs; it takes communication skills to rally teams around moonshot initiatives; it takes compassion and perseverance to imagine how digital solutions can have the biggest impact across the globe. But, most of all, it requires a community to inspire and encourage, share feats and failures and grow with others on a similar path. 

ISG Women in Digital brings people together to create that community.  

ISG Women in Digital is dedicated to connecting, educating, empowering and recognizing women as they navigate the changing world and make the most of their digital future. Together we explore what it means to be a woman in the digital world and build a coalition of women who are passionate about their work, who have ideas about the challenges companies face and want to be heard, who are willing to share their stories, who are eager to support other women on the journey and make the future of digital a place for the next generation of women.  

Digital enterprises and public sector agencies need the strengths women can offer now more than ever. ISG Women in Digital believes it’s never been a better time for women to thrive as leaders, influencers and change-makers. Join us as we navigate the future together.

Key ISG Women in Digital Programs

  • The Women in Digital (WID) Awards recognizes women and their accomplishments.  We all have been mentored, supported, guided and led by amazing women.  ISG’s Women in Digital Awards offers an opportunity to gain industry-wide recognition for exceptional female accomplishments.  Contact Kimberly Tobias for more information.
  • The ISG Digital Dish Podcast, creates a space for women’s voices and experiences in digital to be heard. We are always looking for amazing women to interview. Contact Jeanne Cuff for more information.
  • ISG WID Events plans in-person networking opportunities for women across our industry. Contact Kimberly Tobias for more information.
  • ISG WID Exchange is an internal ISG program, designed to informally connect and promote networking amongst ISG WID colleagues and ISG leadership around the globe. Contact Kristina Usey for more information.
  • ISG WID Enrichment Series is an internal ISG program, designed to educate and promote sharing of ideas informally between ISG WID colleagues and ISG leadership around the globe. Contact Kristina Usey for more information.
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Important Dates in 2024

March 8                          International Women’s Day

March 19 – May 13       Nomination period open for ISG Women in Digital Awards

September                     ISG WID Awards virtual ceremony - learn more & register here.

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